Mini-Paper Sketchbook A5 size (pocket-size book)

A small sketchpad to get started with the art of Travel Sketchbooking.Thin and flexible, it will easily fit in your pocket. Its light-weight paper (90g/m2) is more adapted to pencil and color pencil work.

For watercolor, you may prefer the 125g/m2 paper pad!

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Product Description


This A5 size (14,8x21cm) sketchpad with a sewn binding is perfect for one or two sketching sessions. Its light paper (90g/m2) will not bear large amounts of watercolor, but can be used for lightly watercolored drawings, as well as for color pencil and black & white work.

Its colorful cover adds a modern touch. Beware, the book cover color can vary (depending on our supplier's availabilities)!

NB: In case of stock shortage from our supplier, we are likely to provide a product from another brand, with equivalent quality.