L'Affaire Loovet

The story of a fashion designer in a famous couture house, who gets threatened after discovering a document that he shouldn't have seen.

This detective story will keep you spellbound until the last page!

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A young fashion designer, Denis, is interning at Laurent Loovet's, a world famous couture house. By accident, Denis discovers that Laurent is threatened with death. The top designer should send a document within a month, otherwise his next fashion show may turn into a nightmare...

Threatened as well, Denis investigates in Paris, Shanghai, Dubai. Did Laurent Loovet attract the wrath of a fundamentalist group? Is he involved in a case related to a model's death? Is someone willing to steal his ideas? To destroy his couture house?

While exploring the hidden face of fashion, the textile industry and the business world, the young intern discovers that there may be more than meets the eye... Will his girlfriend, a super model, prevent him from going too far? Or will he keep investigating, even if it means losing his career in high fashion, and possibly his life?

Published in November 2016 by LEA Publishers, www.leseditionsabordables.fr

ISBN : 978-2-37431-038-1