3-hour Private Video Conference Course – Upon Request

By yourself or in a group, these courses focus on drawing, watercolor, acrylics, or oil painting techniques. Felt pens, color pencils, pastels and charcoal are possible too!

I can help you work on technical aspects of your choice (color, perspective, portrait...), or develop a project (travel journal, illustrated story...). 

Enjoy a 5% discount when booking 2 classes, 10% for 3 classes, 15% for 4 classes. For 5 persons and more: contact me for group prices.

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3-hour Private Video Conference Courses are organized upon request: contact me so that we can schedule the date and time for your course, considering your time zone.

The class is taught from my studio. We use Zoom (Skype is possible too), and work from photographs. Don’t hesitate to suggest photographs if you would like to draw or paint a specific subject.

  • These courses cost 90 euros/person for 3 hours. You can share your class with others, friends or relatives, even if they aren’t next to you. The price is per connected attendee. Enjoy a 5% discount when booking 2 places, 10% for 3 places, 15% for 4 places (the discount is automatically applied and will appear in your cart).
  • Upon booking, you will receive a booking confirmation. The Zoom meeting number will be emailed to you.
  • Make sure to have a WIFI connection, a screen large enough to see photographs (computer or tablet), and a smartphone (webcam and loud speaker) from which you can show your drawing and communicate with Pauline. Please note Pauline's phone number.
  • The supplies you will need are the following:
    • Watercolor Sketching: Paper sketchbook (A4/standard photocopy size recommended), watercolor box, small water jar with lid, watercolor paint brush, rag or kitchen paper, pencil(s), pencil-sharpener, water-resistant black pen (ex: Pigma Micron pen). / Optional: penholder, nib and China ink; felt pens; color pencils; glue stick.
    • Oil or Acrylic Painting: Canvas or cardboard canvas, 4 tubes of paint (3 primaries + white), brushes for oils or acrylics, cup for water or turpentine, rag, pencil(s), pencil-sharpener. For oil painting: turpentine and painting medium. For acrylics: optional mediums such as thickening, glazing, retarding gels, matte or gloss.

NB: You can buy the supplies from the "Gift & Goodies" section of the Website.

  • Classes are taught in French and/or English.
  • Children and teenagers under 18 years old can join, provided an accompanying adult joins as well (see FAQs for more details).

You will find more details in the FAQs. I am happy to help if you have any question.

NB: It is possible to offer gift-certificates for courses and workshops (see "Gifts & Goodies"). Don't hesitate to ask us!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Here is the list of supplies you will need Outdoors quick sketching courses: A4 sketchpad (120-160g/m2 paper); pencil; waterproof drawing pen (ex: Faber & Castell or Pigma Micron); small watercolor box; medium size watercolor brush; water jar with lid; rag/wiping paper.
Location Video Conference
Duration 3 hours