10 Class Pass for Watercolor Travel Sketching Classes

If you wish to join the course regularly, don't hesitate to purchase a 10 class pass. The pass is for one person only (non transferable pass), and valid 3 months, starting on the first course taken (except for the weeks of French school holidays).

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It is possible to take one class (60 €), or to buy a 10 class pass, valid for 3 months (420 €; one pass per person).

10 Class Pass Policy:

The pass is non transferable (one pass per person). It is valid 3 months, starting on the first course taken, except for the weeks of French school holidays.

In case you had to cancel a class within less than 24 hours before the class, the class would be considered as taken, and deducted from the 10 class pass.

In case I had to cancel a class, I would let you know in advance, and would extend the expiry date of the pass by one week.

Watercolor Travel Sketching Class:

In a small group, this class aims at developing observation skills, drawing and painting techniques, drawing speed.

It teaches you how to draw what you see, select details, compose in a fast way, in order to create travel sketchbook pages that are lively and spontaneous.

  • Courses cost 60 €/person for 3 hours, in groups of 3 to 6 persons. Enjoy a 5% discount when booking 2 places, 10% for 3 places, 15% for 4 or 5 places, 20% for 6 places (the discount is automatically applied and will appear in your cart).
  • A 420 € individual 10 class pass, valid for 3 months, is available in the "Gift & Goodies" section.
  • Upon booking, you will receive a booking confirmation. Make sure to note Pauline's phone number, in case you were late and we had to leave the studio to draw outdoors.
  • When drawing outside, we sometimes continue drawing at a cafe. Plan a cafe budget, and the cost of museum tickets.
  • For outdoors drawing, a folding stool will be lent to you.
  • The supplies you will need are the following:

    Watercolor Sketching: Paper sketchbook (A4/standard photocopy size recommended), watercolor box, small water jar with lid, watercolor paint brush, rag or kitchen paper, pencil(s), pencil-sharpener, water-resistant black pen (ex: Pigma Micron pen). / Optional: nib holder, nib and India ink; felt pens; color pencils; glue stick. / Think of sunglasses, hats, sunscreen! Warm clothes in the winter. Comfortable walking shoes, water bottle.

NB: You can buy the supplies from the "Gift & Goodies" section of the Website.

  • Classes are taught in French and English.

  • They take place at my studio: 7, rue Chevert 75007 Paris. NB: In relationship to the Covid-19 situation, everyone must wear a mask during the class (bring your own mask). Hydroalcoholic solution and soap are at your disposal at the studio to wash your hands upon arriving. Thank you for keeping distances, and for bringing all your supplies so that you don't have to borrow any (erasers,pencil-sharpeners, brushes, water jars, etc.). Let's all keep creative, safe and healthy!
  • Group of 3 to 6 participants.

  • Children and teenagers under 18 years old can join, provided an accompanying adult joins as well (see FAQs for more details).

  • In case of heat wave or bad weather, the class will take place at the studio.

You will find more details in the FAQs. I am happy to help if you have any question.

NB: It is possible to offer gift-certificates for courses and workshops (see "Gifts & Goodies"). Don't hesitate to ask us!