Vol intérieur

Les Promeneurs Solitaires, 2009 (novel)

Product Description


A burglary, an interior development, a long trip: here is the meaning of "Vol intérieur"*. 

Marc and Agnès come back from holiday with their two daughters, and find their apartment bare, wiped out, any trace from their past has been shaven away. In front of emptiness, how to react? Agnès chooses to lighten herself even more, and leaves on a trip, by herself, with her questioning as luggage. Marc, as for him, turns to the past, towards rebuilding what was stolen from him, his things and his identity. 

Their respective quests will lead them into two different paths, and into considerations that challenge the evidences that had been leading them through ten years of common life: the construction of a family, of a social, material life, and of an image that determined their choices. 

(*In French, vol means either "stealing" or "flying"; and the phrase vol intérieur also translates to "domestic flight", suggesting the idea of a trip.)

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