Customized Courses for Children (3-4 years old) - 10 hours Prepaid card

If you wish your child to join the course regularly, a prepaid card might be a good option. The card is for one child only (non transferable card), and valid 3 months, starting on the first course taken (except for the weeks of French school holiday).

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Product Description


It is possible to take one class (30 euros), or to buy a prepaid card for 10 classes, valid 3 months (255 euros; one card per child).

Prepaid card policy:

The card is non transferable (one card per child). It is valid 3 months, starting on the first course taken, except for the weeks of French school holiday.

In case you had to cancel a class within less than 24 hours before the class, the class would be considered as taken, and deducted from the 10-hour card.

In case I had to cancel a class, I would let you know in advance, and would extend the expiry date of the card by one week.


Class description:

The courses aim at developing creativity, accuracy of drawing, and pleasure of using one's imagination. The program is decided according to the child's needs and tastes.

Young children learn to create colors and patterns, observe and transcribe their personal visions. Later, they will study perspective, light, shadows and values (see Customized Course for Children, over 5 years old).

Elements of the following can be combined:

1. Initiation: learning colors, creating patterns, discovering the possibilities of collage, making 3D objects with paper or salt dough.

2. Observation drawing: developing one's eye, precision of drawing, use of colors. Learning to use acrylic painting. Composing still lives and drawing animals.

3. Illustration and imaginary work: learning how to draw human body, animals, facial expressions.

4. Mixed media: creating images using collage, texture, paint.

5. First steps with History of Art: getting sensitive to the way an artist used to work, and create works " in the manner of".

Basic supplies are included, except for paper. It is recommended to buy an A4 size sketchpad (ex: "Canson XL" sketchpad). The sketchbook can be left at the studio between two classes if you wish.

NB: You can buy the supplies from the "Gift & Goodies" section of the Website.

  • Classes are taught in French and/or English.

  • They take place at my studio.

  • Groups of 1 to 4 children. The children work on a same subject, or on different subjects, depending on their levels and personal wishes.
  • Day & Time: Wednesdays, from 3:30PM to 4:30PM
  • Children and teenagers under 18 years old can also join adult courses, provided an accompanying adult joins as well (see FAQs for more details).

  • It is possible to organize course for a group of children, for instance for a birthday party. Don't hesitate to contact me!

You will find more details in the FAQs. I am happy to help if you have any question.

NB: It is possible to offer gift-certificates for courses and workshops (see "Gifts & Goodies").